Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because of Bing? Seriously, Bing?

The following was printed in the police blotter section (TCPD Roll Call, by Sgt. J.J. Mauro) of the Tippecanoe Gazette on Wednesday April 28, 2010.  Sadly, there is no online version of the article to link to:

Night shift Officers Stephanie Black, Vaughn Atkinson and Adam Grubb had a resident going berserk and breaking items in his apartment. When the officers calmed him down, they learned the intoxicated man was upset because he could not find Bing on his computer.

Officer Black solved the man's dilemma by going to the computer, logging onto Bing, and saving it in the man's "Favorites."  Unfortunately, the man will have to access the search engine while standing, since he broke his computer chair.

This is a real thing.

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